How To Find Out Your Priorities

Are you the type of person who likes to learn about what really matters to you and have a clear
understanding of what your priorities are?
Do you want total control of the things that flow into and out of your life?
If so, have I got some cool tools for you!
If you really want to understand your priorities then all you have to do is look at where you spend your money each month. If you decide that you are a person who desires to gain control of your finances, your first step is to measure your spending. A very simple goal is to spend your
money on things that are important to you and cut-down spending on things that are not.

You will learn how to pay yourself first and will never have to go through the unsustainable
budgeting process. After one month of tracking, you will see where your money is going.
It’s the first step to take total control of your financial life.
Managing your own money on your terms is a life long process. Utilizing the available
tools and experience from the FI community becomes easier and in some cases, automated.

For me, I’ve been using this method every month since 1998.
It’s now a game for me and an effective ritual every few days.
At the end of the month, I can literally see where I spent my life’s priorities and then
decide if an adjustment is needed.
Give it a try: download the sheets in the link below. Instructions are on the sheet.


Author: Francis

Started out in science and somehow ended up in sales & marketing. Grew into a results oriented sales professional with extensive experience selling and positioning scientific solutions in the pharma/biotech, life sciences and medical diagnostics markets. In 1998 I created an excel sheet to track spending and cash flow to learn personal finance on my own. They don't teach this in school and by the time one figures it out, most of let all these resources slip through our fingers. It's time to pay it forward to this next gen so that they can shave 15-20 years off for working for "the man" with insights, a library of tools, and motivation from me and plenty of other FI bloggers that I follow.

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