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Creating valuable content for the blog allows me to pull threads of different themes that have become growth enablers for myself.  Years ago, I came across several authors who during their era, were the motivational champions of the business person: Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill.
I discovered their work in the “books on tape” section of the library. During my sales career, I would listen to books on tape as I traveled around my Midwest sales territory.  Today, podcasts are the tool, and the concept of learning and laughing on the road has never been easier.  Why am I taking a huge risk here by pointing you to ancient authors and an ancient publications, when you can more easily follow Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Larry Winget, and Simon Sinek on Linkedin or YouTube?   It’s because Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill are the primary founders of the motivational speaker movement back in the 1940s and 1950s. The concepts, themes and guidelines of human relationship psychology are in a raw and unfiltered forms but spoken just as eloquently as any one public speaker today.  The concepts they first discovered and communicated decades ago have been re-mastered, re-crafted, modernized, personalized and simplified by those that have followed in their footsteps. Yep, even by this blog writer.

Earl Nightingale wrote a piece and later recorded it called, “The Strangest Secret”.  There are two links below. The YouTube is thirty minutes long and I guarantee that 80% of the content will be worth every bit of the time you invest.  I know, everybody is pressed for time but allow me to take a liberty.  What if Warren Buffet quietly whispered in your ear that if you spent 31 minutes listening to Mr. Nightingale, and followed just one of his suggestions, you could shave years off of pushing someone else’s rock up the hill, so to say?   Better yet, you might be in a position sooner rather than later to own both that rock and hill.  When I tell you the bottom line, you still wouldn’t believe me because the “secret” is just too damn simple.  It’s so simple that you learned it many times over when you were a child but forgot it because the industrialized and institutionalized processes buried the secret deep inside of your memory.

So what is Earl Nightingale talking about?  What is “The Strangest Secret”?   It’s as simple as:  “You Become What You Think About”.   Yes, that’s it. There are a few more pieces and there will be some effort on your part to pay attention to your current thoughts, and more importantly how to work on changing them. You will unlock a cheat code to life that very few people will ever experience. Change your thinking, change your focus, change your decisions, they are all connected.  I recall that Anthony Robbins once said, “Decisions happen in an instant.”  ( your thoughts and your focus led you to a particular decision.)

Let me know if you decided to click and invest a few minutes.  How you decide to process Mr. Nightingale’s stories are up to you. I can assure you that this link has a bigger pay-off than spending 30 minutes on Facebook.

For you old school folks you can listen to The Strangest Secret on YouTube For Free:

Carry on and carry forward.


Author: Francis

Started out in science and somehow ended up in sales & marketing. Grew into a results oriented sales professional with extensive experience selling and positioning scientific solutions in the pharma/biotech, life sciences and medical diagnostics markets. In 1998 I created an excel sheet to track spending and cash flow to learn personal finance on my own. They don't teach this in school and by the time one figures it out, most of let all these resources slip through our fingers. It's time to pay it forward to this next gen so that they can shave 15-20 years off for working for "the man" with insights, a library of tools, and motivation from me and plenty of other FI bloggers that I follow.

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