How To Define Your Success: Back To Basics

Definitions for success can be listed from here and to “infinity and beyond” because everyone has their own interpretation of success.  These interpretations are usually formulated by what one hears, sees on TV, reads on the internet, or by emulating  people who one admires.  Of all things and meanings that one attributes to success, everyone can ultimately agree that success is not an endpoint, it’s a process.  Where everyone splits off into every direction is how success is measured. Jack Welch stated it best when he said, “You get what you measure”. That’s a great quote and it’s also a guideline to keep you honest and focused on the goal. It’s not all about achieving the goal, it’s about what you become striving to achieve the goal.  Along the way, you measure milestones to keep yourself on track.

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The Best Advice Ever Given In a 5 minute YouTube

In a previous post  I touched on the topic of going back in time and giving advice to my 16-year-old self right after the 1977 lifeguard crew photo was taken. That message would be simple.  “If I could offer you only one tip for your future, sunscreen would be it. Wear sunscreen.”  Today, my future-self of that 16 year-old lifeguard, is wearing the skin of many years of “burning to get tan”.  It’s a casual regret that requires semi-annual monitoring.
Baz Luhrmann popularized a rap-like song in 1999 with words credited to an essay written as a hypothetical commencement speech by columnist Mary Schmich.  The five-minute message, for me, became the best advice that spans an entire life-time.  I can only imagine how my response to life’s responsibilities would have been more enjoyable if I would have heard and headed this advice at a much younger age.   Spend 5 minutes watching the video.  You may have to play it back a few times because your mind will drift on a personal reflection and may miss the next nugget that comes pretty fast.   The line of “Get to know your parents….” echoes and rings true. If you can, do something about that today.  If not, find a photo and keep it out.

Without further commentary, please take the time now to click the link.  I can assure you that your thoughts and focus will be much different if you just catch one phrase and hold on to it for a while.

For added convenience, I found the lyrics on-line and are pasted below.

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Ten Secrets of Success That You Can Make Your Own

I have this printed out and sitting on my desk to remind myself about these ten essentials basic actions.  Everything else seems to fall into place when one works on the basics.  Skipping over the basics drags the process of learning and implementation at the expense of long-term follow through.  Many of these are referenced in “The Leader List” from an earlier post.  Go back to it and see if you can find them in that blog.

A Biased View of The Evolution of Corporate Structures

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Why You Should Read Your Money Or Your Life

What happens when you set goals, write them down and look for resources to help put an action plan together?  This practice provides you plenty of opportunities of your choosing.  How you filter these opportunities creates a wonderful set of circumstances that are yours to control.  The spark of inspiration can come from any resource as long as you keep your antennae up and recognize them. For me, the actual spark of inspiration was triggered when I came across a book in the library called, Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez. Continue reading “Why You Should Read Your Money Or Your Life”