The Top 10 Skills You Will Master

Simon Sinek is my current favorite leadership teacher. He takes leadership and human motivation and puts them in incredibly simple terms. Most can really identify with his style. He states out loud what I have been thinking for years but could never articulate the message the way he does. In the spirit of leadership, I have begun to compile a list of skills that we all will eventually master at various levels. These are the basics of my career management that I picked up along the way. They are in no particular order or priority. Continue reading “The Top 10 Skills You Will Master”

This Training Will Make You Make You Rich


Creating valuable content for the blog allows me to pull threads of different themes that have become growth enablers for myself.  Years ago, I came across several authors who during their era, were the motivational champions of the business person: Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill.
I discovered their work in the “books on tape” section of the library. During my sales career, I would listen to books on tape as I traveled around my Midwest sales territory.  Today, podcasts are the tool, and the concept of learning and laughing on the road has never been easier.  Continue reading “This Training Will Make You Make You Rich”