7 Easy Steps To Move Your Comfort Zone

Often times you might find yourself sitting in traffic on the highway stopped, just stopped, on road that should be flowing steadily at 60+ mph. The stop and go process ensues. A few miles into it, the brake & gas foot/ankle exercise, you come upon what it might possibly be. Usually it’s the aftermath of a fender bender that has moved to the side of the road, or a trooper with lights flashing giving a driver a “safety citation” to redeem in court at a future time. After that, things open up and traffic flows as usual. For me, as I mash down on the gas pedal and let all eight cylinders light up and let the Challenger run free for a bit, I wonder why the hell people have to slow down and “rubber neck” the scene when in fact there is nothing left to see. There are a few events happening in some linear order that created this mess in the first place. Continue reading “7 Easy Steps To Move Your Comfort Zone”

What Is Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of Needs: Social Media?

Here’s a new twist on a familiar theory from B-school that is still valid today as it is applied to Social Media.  The social media hierarchy mirrors the original theory beautifully.  In 1943 Abraham Maslow published a paper describing the human theory of motivation.  It describes basic interdependent stages of human growth through the achievement of psychological needs. Continue reading “What Is Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of Needs: Social Media?”