Act Now. Experience Is Standing By


Leo Buscaglia was an author and motiviational speaker, who at the time. focused on personal relationships. He was often referred to as Dr. Love. His work and message still endure today. He authored fourteen books and coined a valuable question that his own father asked him everyday when he was child: “What have you learned today?”.  It’s an interesting question to ask yourself at the end of each day.
Our Memorial Day Holiday is nearly upon us and I would like to share this very fitting poem. It begins with a brief introduction of how Leo obtained it and the life lesson it provides. The poem is written out below along with a YouTube clip of Leo reading it.  (Which method of delivery did you prefer?)

Like many things that are within our reach, we sometimes wait just too long to decide, to act, or to appreciate the opportunity at hand.   It’s an important National holiday weekend that you probably will spend with family & friends, so practice recognizing the moments and appreciate them.

Carry On.

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