The Top 10 Skills You Will Master

Simon Sinek is my current favorite leadership teacher. He takes leadership and human motivation and puts them in incredibly simple terms. Most can really identify with his style. He states out loud what I have been thinking for years but could never articulate the message the way he does. In the spirit of leadership, I have begun to compile a list of skills that we all will eventually master at various levels. These are the basics of my career management that I picked up along the way. They are in no particular order or priority. Continue reading “The Top 10 Skills You Will Master”

The Reason Why You Must Have FU Money

Looking at my most successful accomplishments and effective leadership results, I’ve come to realize and re-learn how to focus on the “Why” component and clearly defining purpose first and foremost. After this, everything else lined up more easily and the “work” component became especially more enjoyable.  The other soft benefits realized provided an incredible payback: Competition and company politics at my place of employment are no longer of any concern mine. Having FU tips the scales in your favor, no matter what.
While researching some proof statements to my comments above, I came across this blog piece that connects all of the dots to my message that I was trying to convey in during the 6 month experiment of writing this blog.  I’ll cover more on this topic in the future.  For now, I’d like to share this about how a true professional handles a situation that we all find ourselves in at one time or another.

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The Power of FU Money


The Leader List

This year marks my 40th year of having FICA removed from pay checks. (Remember getting your very first paycheck at age 16 and ask who FICA is?)
Over the years, I made notes on what I learned from people I reported into or provided some much-needed guidance. There were plenty of leaders, managers and “supervisors” over the forty year period some worth remembering, some not, but they all had made some contributions, good, bad or indifferent. I came up with a summary list of people who had left enough of an impact which helped create an ever evolving leadership style and capacity for growth. In chronological order, is a brief description of what I learned from fifteen highly effective leaders, three nice yet, ineffective supervisors and two truly horrible, bosses. (I’m being polite to the extreme referring to these last two with the movie title reference).
There’s a story behind each that might someday make it in a possible book in the future. Some readers might recognize the distinct names and unique and endearing characters and I request for the sake of discretion please consider that your comments are in a public domain.

It’s been an interesting exercise and highly recommend that you give it a try to discover a few of the origins of your habits and patterns. Visit your list on occasion or when someone triggers a forgotten memory and write it down. Continue reading “The Leader List”