How Make Better Decisions That Lead To Action

I follow a handful of bloggers that cover personal finance on one end of my interest scale all the way to leadership on the other end.  In resources, I list a few of the FIRE bloggers that I follow and at times, I occasionally make a few comments on the posts that they write.  Most times, I read the piece, and pull out one or two helpful nuggets of their perspective and think about them for a while and figure how I can utilize the information.  Sometimes I even save a couple of the sites or tools that are referenced and refer to them later where I retrieve them from my Favorites folder.  I don’t take too much action unless it really grabs my attention and imagination.  I’ll leave my option open to re-read the blog later on.  Guess what? Later never seems to materialize as the sense of urgency has peaked and it’s never the same stimuli later on. It’s a component of “decay rate.” Continue reading “How Make Better Decisions That Lead To Action”

How To Find Out Your Priorities

Are you the type of person who likes to learn about what really matters to you and have a clear
understanding of what your priorities are?
Do you want total control of the things that flow into and out of your life?
If so, have I got some cool tools for you!
If you really want to understand your priorities then all you have to do is look at where you spend your money each month. If you decide that you are a person who desires to gain control of your finances, your first step is to measure your spending. A very simple goal is to spend your
money on things that are important to you and cut-down spending on things that are not. Continue reading “How To Find Out Your Priorities”