These are a small collection of insightful blogs that promote smart living and smart spending. Many of the bloggers are very knowledgeable in the quest for Financial independence and in some cases very entertaining. They all have a style of your own, and perhaps you can check out their sites and see if it’s good fit for what you want to accomplish.

This is a crash course on personal finance. There’s a good intro, however, the video will provide you a fantastic good dose of entertaining motivation.

J. Money posts daily “- A Collection of Awesome Money Articles -”

I have my morning coffee with J. Money just about everyday.

Here are a couple of blogs for one stop bookmarking for some awesome tools.

If you’re into checklists and really want to understand the true power of time being on your side, this blog post will provide with some ideas to continue to stay motivated over the long haul.  It really comes to down to creating a few new habits that have measurable benefits.  Your future self will thank you for the efforts today.

The Ten Things You Need To Do Daily

If you are looking for additional resources in the FIRE community, please visit Rock Star Finance directory of bloggers.  There are over 1100 blogger’s sites indexed by specialty. I’m quite certain you will be able to find several of these resources that match your current financial stage and offer you plenty of growth potential.
Check them out.