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Time Travel. I’ve always been fascinated by time travel themed movies and having the ability to change just one thing that would affect my future.  Not the Back To The Future, Marty McFly stuff that messes up the space-time continuum and the whole alternate 1985 bit either.  I’m talking about going back in time and give advice to myself of a certain age.  For me it would be 1977, right after the photo was taken that was used in the Leader List Article  http://www.fromthebachrow.com/the-leader-list/.   I’ll cover that advice to my 16 year-old self in May. It turns out we can do selective time travel when one interprets the code messages in   blogs like this one and the one in the link below. 

In most cases one never realizes the moment while it is occurring. Once you become aware of it through nuggets of wisdom and advice tossed out by “elders”, you have the ability to use a tiny little piece. There is a catch, the older you get, the window of time travel backwards for one’s self is closed and you can no longer make changes for your past self, only your future self. However, there is a loophole that we are about to exploit.  We give the message to other people, readers like you, that have taken the place of ourselves during a time and an era that we have already experienced. I came across Matt’s blog http://theresumegap.com/  and he hit a high note with his blog piece on Advice to My 23-Year-Old Self.  He is spot on things that I wish I knew when I was 23/24 years that would have accelerated my plans.  Well, actually, I didn’t have written plans back then, and he addresses that in #5.  The piece reads pretty quickly and what seems obvious in the read, it will take a second read for you to begin to identify with it, and to take ownership of it.  As simple as this seems, this advice can take years off of agonizing trial and error, unless you’re into agonizing trial and error.  This Advice message will come from anyone in their 30s, 40s, 50s etc. because we all experienced it and this piece is written well enough to pay it forward.

OK, so what’s the payoff for you if you read it, comprehend it and follow through?  You get to experience time travel yourself to your future-self.  I’ve written it before, Your Future Self Will Thank You for all the groundwork you did for yourself early on.  Your future-self will have a much easier time with everything when you will need it most, like health, happiness, a compatible life partner, financial freedom etc.  Basically, life on your own terms, not anyone else’s.   Wouldn’t it be awesome if your future self, say, from 10 years from now, came back and thanked you for your efforts of Constant And Never Ending Improvement by reading and following advice from a group of people who already experienced it?    I can do that in my mind’s eye.  In fact, my 57 year-old future self has been doing his happy dance while I politely make him wait for me as I tie up a few loose ends.  Wouldn’t it be cool if your 30-40-year-old future self was doing the same happy dance?   We’ll help get you there, but only you can carry on and carry forward.  Thanks for your time.  Check out Matt’s Time Travel:



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Started out in science and somehow ended up in sales & marketing. Grew into a results oriented sales professional with extensive experience selling and positioning scientific solutions in the pharma/biotech, life sciences and medical diagnostics markets. In 1998 I created an excel sheet to track spending and cash flow to learn personal finance on my own. They don't teach this in school and by the time one figures it out, most of let all these resources slip through our fingers. It's time to pay it forward to this next gen so that they can shave 15-20 years off for working for "the man" with insights, a library of tools, and motivation from me and plenty of other FI bloggers that I follow.

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