Increase Your Pay

Just about this time of year, most big companies finish going through their annual review process and it usually closes with a salary adjustment. In the years gone by they were called merit increases or raises. Back in the day before the markets melted down, raises could be anywhere between 5-12% with the average hitting around 7%. Continue reading “Increase Your Pay”

Maslow Theory of Hierarchy of Needs: Social Media

Here’s a new twist on a familiar theory from B-school that is still valid today as it is applied to Social Media.  The social media hierarchy mirrors the original theory beautifully.  In 1943 Abraham Maslow published a paper describing the human theory of motivation.  It describes basic interdependent stages of human growth through the achievement of psychological needs. Continue reading “Maslow Theory of Hierarchy of Needs: Social Media”

Change Happens

Who doesn’t like a good book that you’ve enjoyed reading and learned a few nuggets of knowledge from the author? Case in point, Who Moved MY Cheese by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. It’s an easy reading parable about a couple of mice in maze looking for, what else, Cheese. Being a parable, it is generously peppered with metaphors related to the pursuit of goals. Continue reading “Change Happens”

Preparing For The Job Interview

Planned Behavior Based Job Interviews are popular and common and an objective tool used in many job interview processes. The questions below are just a small sample of the question asked during this type of interview. Google “Behavior Based Interviews” and you’ll find plenty of resources and supplemental information. You will find some clever answers to many of them.   The whole point of these Behavior Based Questions is how you clearly and effectively demonstrate how you are able to process information and communicate during the interview. Continue reading “Preparing For The Job Interview”

The 30/60/90 Day Action Plan for Job Interviews

If you’re thinking about starting a job hunt, Harvey Mackay said it best: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”. It’s also a title for one of his books. I’ll let Harvey and many other good author’s provide the guidance and prep you for a productive job hunt.
Before that, get your profile on LinkedIn, no exception, first and foremost. See my earlier post on my take on LinkedIn.
For now, I’m going to jump right to parts of the interview and provide you an exceptional tool that will help you gather your thoughts and prepare you more effectively than any other candidate you are competing against. Preparation and how you handle yourself during the interview will differentiate you from the pool of candidates they bring in to fill a job.
The first tool will require some homework that will be fulfilled during your research and preparation on the company. Continue reading “The 30/60/90 Day Action Plan for Job Interviews”