Managing Your Career

One of the worst assumptions that you can make is think that you are working for a company and not being on career assignment.
The focus and influence of working at and succeeding in a career must come from yourself.
The company owns the IP and the jobs and you own your own career and the choices you make.
You are always in charge of your choices and responses, no matter what goes on around you.
It’s entirely up to you do the the things that you feel are best for you, regardless of what
others are saying or doing.

Increase Your Pay
Just about this time of year, most big companies finish going through their annual review process and it usually closes with a salary adjustment. In the years gone by they were called merit increases or raises. Back in the day before the markets melted down, raises could be anywhere between 5-12% with the average hitting around 7%. For the past few years, 3% is the norm, that’s it. Every year I am grateful to receive a bump if it’s offered as it raises my savings rate by that much more.  Sometimes, people just do not feel valued and appreciated by their current boss and the salary adjustment becomes the leverage and motivation to start looking for another job.

The 30/60/90 Day Action Plan for Job Interviews
If you’re thinking about starting a job hunt, Harvey Mackay said it best: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”. It’s also a title for one of his books. I’ll let Harvey and many other good author’s provide the guidance and prep you for a productive job hunt.
Before that, get your profile on LinkedIn, no exception, first and foremost. See my earlier post on my take on LinkedIn.
For now, I’m going to jump right to parts of the interview and provide you an exceptional tool that will help you gather your thoughts and prepare you more effectively than any other candidate you are competing against.